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P411 ID P268724    TER ID 334723

Good hygiene is a must. Please arrive freshly showered. If for some reason you can't, I will happily offer you one. Please use the towel and washcloth in the bathroom to freshen up, and wash your hands. I am clean, drug-free, disease-free, drama-free, healthy and sane. I seek the same in new friends.

Remember, we are in this together. My screening process is simple, but must be adhered to. This is for you and for me. Please do not ask for special allowances. Your privacy is extremely important to me, but as much as I value your privacy, my personal safety is also a top priority. In order to ensure that our time together is every bit as wonderful as you expect, I need to feel relaxed and comfortable with whom I am meeting. Screening is a first step.

Acceptable forms include a TER ID, P411 ID.  Recent and verifiable references to other providers are best. A photo of you, business information and a business card ensure trust between us. Let's exchange a discrete business email. Also helpful are your Facebook or LinkedIn account. I pledge on my honor to hold your information in complete confidence and privacy. We are in this together. 

Thank you so much for selecting my site. I know that you have many choices. I am happy that you have come here to me. My promise to you is that I am a real woman and all of the delight that that includes.  When you arrive, please have the donation in a plain, unsealed envelope and place it in an open location. 

I want you to know that I'm here seeking what you are seeking as well. I have a strong drive, and I'm enjoying this along with you. I will never rush, and my focus is on our experience. Let's be good to each other. And let's make it memorable. Live on Purpose, with me.


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Your time is important. Your schedule is limited. I have the same constraints. Please make every effort to be on time. Your appointment begins at the time we set together. I will do my best to accommodate you if you are late, but please understand that this is often not possible. Also, I may have to cancel our appointment entirely. Please map our meeting place ahead of time, and allow for traffic. I am unable to stay on the phone to provide extended directions. I don't want to insist on non-refundable deposits. Our meeting is an act of trust between you and I, and I really want it to remain exactly that. Please understand that when you're late, you're hurting me and hurting our encounter. 

For us


I am real and offer myself in a real experience. Get to know me and you will see. With that being the case, degrading or explicit comments or attitudes are not acceptable. I am seeking mature, whole, polite, and respectful gentlemen in hopes of developing an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship between us. I reserve the right to refuse any caller without explanation. Please do not get upset and please do not go ranting across the web about me. We are all adults here, so please understand that I must exercise discretion and a modicum of caution in this endeavor. 

I am a Lady. Treat me with respect, be good to me, and I will be very, very good to you. 

Right of Refusal

~Philadelphia ~ New York ~ Washington, D.C~


I work by appointment only. I love my busy and active life. When I am not "working," my business phone is often turned off. My activities as a courtesan are indeed a fulfilling and important part of my life, but please understand that I do maintain a necessary separation. Please be patient. If you are a new friend, booking in advance provides time to check your verification details. I am rarely available for same day encounters, unless you are a regular friend, and even then it will be "pot luck." I will try my best to meet a regular friend for a last-minute engagement. Also, I'm not at my incall location unless I have appointments. 

Please use the contact form on my "Reach Me" page, and fill it out as completely as you can. Please give at least 24 to 48 hours notice in advance. I've engaged an assistant to sometimes help me with emails and verification. My assistant can screen and set appointments. Final verification comes when you and I talk. Text is best to reach me directly. 

Nina Noir